We endeavour to minimise and manage all risks but applicants should be aware that this share capital is risk capital and there is a possibility of loss as well as return.

To date financing of our developments has included a mix of secured debt, unsecured debt and member equity. In terms of the ranking in any queue to be repaid secured debt outranks unsecured debt and unsecured debt outranks member equity.

For a detailed breakdown of identified risks and risk management strategies please refer to our business plan available on request.

Although the directors will operate in a prudent manner you could lose some or all of your share capital. The value of your investment may go up or down.

The directors have identified the following risks and will seek to address them:

  • Variations in the price of electricity.
  • Changes to the legislation around energy.
  • Changes to The Renewables Obligation certificate scheme and Feed-in Tariffs.
  • Wind speeds and solar radiation could vary due to unusual weather.
  • There may be delays or interruptions to generation caused by damage or failure of equipment, technical, financial, or legal matters.
  • Some costs are based on quotations which may differ from actual costs.
  • Potential planning issues specifically related to the absence of clear guidelines for technologies at the small and medium scale.

A headline risk factor is that, in our opinion, the current Tory government appears hostile to communities and the environment in general and to renewables and community energy in particular. We are operating in a hostile policy environment with a government that is prepared to massively subsidies fossil fuels and foreign state owned nuclear power projects whilst simultaneously cutting support for renewables. That this government is willing to tell the public that its actions are intended to ‘protect hard working bill payers’ when in our opinion they will have the opposite effect is telling.

Our fuller report on the policy environment is available on request.