Community Power Cornwall is a co-operative that delivers community energy projects in Cornwall.

We trap money in Cornwall and enable communities to collectively tackle the threats of climate change, energy security and uncontrollable rises in fuel costs by generating clean, renewable energy locally.  In doing so we provide ethical investment opportunities which meet environmental, social and financial needs.

Community Power Cornwall has a portfolio of renewable energy projects, both operational and in development. We continue to develop, own and operate small to medium scale community owned renewable energy installations which generate electricity for on-site use and sale via the national grid.

Community Power Cornwall Limited is a Registered Society, owned by its members and created to be environmentally, socially and financially useful. The co-operative was established in 2008 to enable community ownership of energy assets, to generate capital to be re-invested locally in renewable energy and to nurture the spread of community-owned renewable energy generation.

We care for and wish to benefit the wider community by responsibly meeting our environmental, social and financial goals.

NOTE: We are not actively promoting a share offer, or soliciting investments from the public at present, however if people approach us about joining or buying shares, such enquiries will be welcome.

Here is a link to our third share offer document with application form.

 Members: If you have not received any email from us recently please contact [email protected] 

Have you seen the short film about our most recent solar project installed in 2019?


CPC Porthcurno Telegraph Museum from Motion Farm on Vimeo.

One of our short films....