Community Power Cornwall installs 150kWp Solar PV at Newlyn Harbour

150 kWp Installed September 2018

Since 1908, Newlyn Harbour has been home to one of the largest fishing fleets in the country and is both economically and culturally important to Cornwall, with approximately 700 vessels, 1,200 fishermen and 49 landing stations.

The new fish market building is a £1.3M refurbishment project, part-funded by the European Maritime Fisheries Fund and will help to deliver a spectrum of modern services, including a fully refrigerated and competitive selling platform, all now to be powered by a clean, green energy supply provided by Community Power Cornwall.

Newlyn Harbour receives a fixed electricity price for the green energy it consumes from the Solar PV system at a price currently 27% less than their standard electricity tariff. These benefits will be in place for the 20 year lifetime of the project. This will dramatically reduce the running costs for the new facility enabling reinvestment in further Harbour improvement activities whilst increasing their future resilience and sustainability.