The Energy Society



The Energy Society works closely with Community Power Cornwall to facilitate and take a direct stake in joint ventures with local landowners and commercial partners. It not only gives local people a leadership role with these developments, but also allows commercial energy generation to meet local needs and enables local communities to participate through public share offers, benefit funds and service packages, which also provides employment opportunities for community development workers to deliver local projects.

The Energy Society currently has a direct stake in a 500KW wind turbine with a local farmer at Lawhitton, Launceston and other projects in the pipeline.

Helford Energy Society (no. 31351 R)







The Low Carbon Society

The Low Carbon Society is a Community Development Finance Institution (CDFI) that operates a revolving loan fund to finance and support local, independent energy co-ops. The Society has the ability to offer loan or equity finance with all proposals assessed through a peer review panel. Peers develop skills, experience and knowledge through the support and development of Community Power Cornwall.

Initial start-up capital for this CDFI was secured in 2008 with further finance provided through a credit facility with Cornwall Council. Finance secured through the Low Carbon Society also provides communities with the ability to leverage mainstream finance.

The Low Carbon Society provides a £2.7m loan facility with an active loan book of over £1.5m.


Community Energy Enterprises supported to date:


community-power-cornwall-Gorran-turbine-launchCommunity Power Cornwall

Location: Gorran

2 x 80KW Endurance wind turbines

Total loan value – £454, 168







BF Adventure turbine launchCommunity Power Cornwall

Location: BF Adventure, Halvasso

10 Aircon wind turbine

Total loan value – £50,000







sheers-barton wind turbineEnergy Society

Location: Lawhitton, Launceston

Joint stake in a 500KW EWT wind turbine

Total loan value – £376,543




wec-solar-pvWadebridge Energy Company

Location: Nanstallon, southy West Water sewage treatment works

100KW  ground mount Solar PV

Total loan value – £101,000




img_5895Penwith Energy Services Company

Location: Humphry Davy School, Penzance

153.66KW Roof mounted Solar PV

Total loan value: £268, 473



Fowey Renewable Energy Enterprise

penhale-farm-solar-installationLocation: Penhale camping and caravan site, Fowey

50KW Roof mounted Solar PV

Total loan value: £46,000


Tamar Energy Community

shutterstock_132178364-landscapeLocation: Tamar Valley & Tavistock

Roof mounted solar PV

Total loan value: £285,000



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