Environmental Return

Since 2011 Community Power Cornwall has been producing measureable environmental returns.

Each of the 1,522,345 kWh we produced  by end of October 2015 has enabled 0.480kg (Energy Saving Trust 2014) less CO2 to be emitted from burning fossil fuels. Therefore we have saved 730,726 kg of CO2 so far.

The decentralised method of energy production holds further environmental gains reducing the large amount of electricity lost through production and distribution in the centralised, fossil fuel generated, electricity generation model.

Community Power Cornwall’s commitment to community engagement, skills transfer, and behavioural change also seeks to produce noticeable changes in host community’s patterns of energy use and overall levels of consumption and emissions. The energy hierarchy is critical and we aim to embed an operational group of well advised residents in host communities with the knowledge and finance available to target further energy reduction schemes and independent renewable energy generating capacity.