Future Projects

An overview of our prospective new ventures.

Community Power Cornwall aims to form enduring, successful partnerships with residents, local government, local businesses, co-operatives, third-sector organisations, approved technology providers and key stakeholders to develop a diverse, secure and sustainable supply of renewable energy for the benefit of the local community and its members. Community Power Cornwall keenly anticipates the influx of talent, skills and ideas from new members through future collaborations and share offers, creating independent, commercially viable local energy co-operatives that meet the broad objectives of the society.

The election of a new government in 2015 has presented a number of key challenges to the way Community Power Cornwall has been operating with changes to subsidies and the introduction of new planning controls, through the release of ministerial statements on Solar and Wind, directly effecting our established business model and technology focus whilst virtually decimating our 2015 new projects portfolio.

The good news is, we have two large scale projects that are still live, a 51% stake in a 5MW Solar proposal with Mably Solar and a 74.9% stake in the 38.5 MW Big Field wind farm with Good Energy both schemes of which are due final consideration by the secretary of state in the very near future. These projects may offer our last shot at onshore wind and large scale ground mount solar under the existing political regime and any support you can offer could significantly change the future trajectory of Community Power Cornwall and the opportunities we can offer to other communities in the County.

We are also seeking to expand our existing project portfolio with the development of new opportunities in the evolving low carbon heat and storage markets whilst one of our Directors is in the midst of an MSc in Marine Renewable Energy at Plymouth University, helping us to place Community Power Cornwall at the forefront of the sector as it develops and expands.

We will continue to strive to create new opportunities for local communities to directly tackle the threats of Climate Change whilst trying to ensure the environmental, economic and social benefits of renewable and low carbon energy generation are retained in Cornwall.