Board and Officers

Image: Paul Martin

Paul Martin
Executive Director

Paul is the director of Kabin, Cornwall’s Co-operative Development body, and has a wealth of experience supporting many co-operatives, social enterprises, traditional charities and mainstream business. Over the past 16 years Paul has acted as company secretary for a number of organisations and sits on the board of South West Co-operative Support and Co-operatives South West.Paul is a SFEDI accredited business adviser with specific knowledge and experience of community enterprise and community development finance. Paul has helped communities to own, operate and benefit from land, buildings, food enterprises, financial services, low carbon technologies and renewable energy technologies.





Image: Clayton Elliot

Clayton Elliott
Finance Officer

Clayton has worked for social and environmental organisations, including the role of Climate Change Campaigner for Cornwall Friends of the Earth. He has worked for Kabin as a SFEDI accredited Co-operative and Social Enterprise business adviser since 2007.

Clayton is the Finance Officer for Community Power Cornwall, The Low Carbon Fund and The Low Carbon Society.

Clayton is also a professional councillor in private practice and the Chief Executive Officer for the charity Counselling for Social Change.


Richard Bennett – Non executive board member 

Retired Art Teacher and small business owner, Richard is acting chairman of the St Goran Low Carbon Group and involved in other local organisations including Village Hall committees.

Robin Curtis – Non executive board member 

A renewable energy consultant since 1984, Robin’s specific area of expertise is renewable heat which has seen him working on a deep geothermal project and the introduction of ground source heat pumps into the UK. Robin is the chair of Transition Constantine, a Director of Falmouth Energy Partnership and a Director of GeoScience Ltd.